Spa Day!

I know, I know.  Been way too long since I blogged.  Slap my paw now.  I’m sorry but being a cute and entertaining tripod is lots of hard work and I just don’t know where the time goes!  There are too many toys to play with, bones to chew, squirrels to bark at, naps to take and  too many opportunities to annoy Mama when she is reading.  I hate when she does this!  It means I am not getting attention.  So I show Mama how upset I am by literally plopping my cute butt right on top of whatever she is reading so she HAS to pay attention to me, even if it is to give me an exasperated “Oh, Zippy!  Can’t you see I’m trying to read? ”  Uh, yeah.  Duh!  Why do you think I am planting myself right in the middle!  So anyway, before you know it, months have gone by and I realize I have neglected my blogging duties.

Summer has pretty much arrived in Indiana so that means lots of opportunities for me to get outside and not only soak up the sun, but get extra stinky and dirty when I decide to role in goodness knows what, or dig like mad at a mole hole.  Mama lets me dig but tells me I am silly because usually the mole is long gone but I gotta make an effort anyway to show Mama and my canine brothers how tough I am.  I even bite out chunks of dirt and grass to help me dig faster.   All this digging and rolling means only one thing though, I get dirty and stinky and before you know it, I am being whisked into house for what Mama calls “Spa Day.”   Some parts of Spa Day are actually pretty fun but some, like actually getting wet in the bathtub, I could do without.

Spa Day starts like any good Spa Day.  With a manicure/pedicure, or mani-pedi as the sophisticated, hip folks call it.   My nails stay pretty short and ground down because we walk a lot on the street and my hippity-hoppy gait helps keep my nails short.  But sometimes they still need a going over.  Mama sits down on the couch and I hop onto her lap and stick my good front paw out, something like this:

Out comes the emery board and Mama files away.  I don’t mind it but we have one strict rule:  ABSOLUTELY NO nail polish on these toes!!   File all you like but if that bottle of OPI nail polish comes anywhere near my toes, we’re gonna have a problem.  I get teased enough by my brothers for getting my nails filed in the first place.  Jasper would have a field day and never let me live it down if I had my nails painted.  I am a little bit of a dainty fella, but even I draw the line at toenail paint.  That is for girls!

After the mani/pedi is over, it’s time for The Bath.  This is my least favorite part of Spa Day.  Getting wet is not really my scene, ya know?  Not cool.  I don’t even go off the carport if it is sprinkling.   I feel and look like a drowned rat.  I take every opportunity to escape the tub.  If Mama turns her back for even a second, out I go, and run through the house sopping wet, looking for a place to hide.  Have yet to find a place to hide where Mama can’t find me so the end result is I end up back in the tub.  Sigh.   The shampoo part is a little better though because Mama gives me a massage at the same time so it kinda feels good.  I’d never tell her that though, I like maintaining the image that I hate a bath.  Good for my reputation.

Finally, the icky tub part of The Bath is over and then comes The Blow Dry.    This is my most favorite thing in the world!   I want to kiss whoever invented that nifty gadget called a  hair dryer.  Man, what an awesome piece of electronics and engineering!  I don’t even mind the noise of it, just love the fact that it spits out warm air on my fur.  And that Mama massages me even more as she is drying me, making sure I’m good and dry.  Ah, what a feeling!  I would sit there all day and let her blow dry my hair if we both had the time.  Remember, I’m a busy guy being cute so….

Sometimes though, Mama gets a little overzealous with the hair dryer and I end up looking like either a reject from the 80’s Big Hair Days or like I just stuck my one good front paw in a light socket:

Mama says I look cute, that Big Hair used to be The Thing.  Whatever!  I’m scared one of these days she is going to whip out the hair gel and hairspray and really go to town.  That could get ugly.

Now I am filed, fluffed, plucked, pampered and just in general, looking like one fine specimen.  To top off Spa Day, I get some doggie cologne to just add to my charm.  They say it attracts the ladies, but it ain’t working for me!  The only lady ever told me I smell good is Mama.  Oh well, maybe one day my aroma and handsomeness will bring me a hot poodle or something.  I can dream. 

It’s hard work though, being so pampered, then acting like a crazy boy because I know I am looking fine and Mama keeps fawning over me, telling me how pretty I am.  Such hard work that it usually requires I take a nap, usually in my fave spot which is the sunshine spot on the Big Bed.

That’s all I got for now.  I know you will be waiting with breathless anticipation for my next post blasting my words of wisdom.  Zippy, Out.

Saying Goodbye to 2011

Wow!  Where did 2011 go?   I can’t believe it is time to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome in 2012.   I guess time just flies because I am so happy and loved!   I’ve been with Mama and Dad now for over three years and still can’t believe I got so lucky!   This tripod is living one fantastic life!   Good food in my bowl every night, lots of treats and toys, three fur brothers who for the most part are pretty cool, and a wonderful Mama and Dad who love me so much, missing leg and all.   I’d say life really can’t be much better and as 2011 closes out, I have been reflecting and realizing how blessed I am.  To think that some folks turned me down or didn’t consider adopting me because I was missing a leg.  Silly people, they don’t know what they have missed out on.

I know I have been bad and not updated my blog since September.  I’ve just been so busy living the high life and being my normal cute and clownish self, that time got away from me.  Sorry about that!  I am not living up to my promise to write about tripod life and how wonderful it is. 

One of the best things in 2011 was Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati’s Barkaritaville, their annual group fundraiser that Mama is in charge of.  Of course us four boys got to attend and we had lots of fun.  It was neat to see so many schnauzers in one place and to meet some of our rescue friends that we had not met before or those we don’t see very often.  But I must admit I was one bad boy at the event!   The park where Barkaritaville is held isn’t fenced so us fur kids have to be leashed, crated, or in an ex-pen.  Mama bought an ex-pen for us this year and when she tested us in the yard, we all behaved like little angels. It was a different story at Barkaritaville. I did not think it was cool that Mama was running around being busy and paying attention to other dogs.  So I decided to show her!  I climbed, yes climbed on three legs, out of the ex-pen three times!  And it was a 36 inch ex-pen!   So who says tripods are limited in what they can do?  I’ve been known to climb five foot fences too. My foster Mom Iris had to keep a close eye on me because I would climb her fence if I wanted out bad enough.  Nothing is stopping this guy!   So after I escaped from the ex-pen three times, Mama decided she would just tie me with my leash to a pole, close by to where she was doing fundraising stuff so I could see her.  (I CANNOT stand it when Mama is out of eye sight!)   Well, I showed her again.  I chewed through the leash, and yes, it was leather! and ran through the crowd to find my Mama!   So she tried one more trick:  She put me in a five foot tall ex-pen that was not easy for me to climb out of.  I tried to climb out once but didn’t make it.  So instead of trying again, I  just sat there and whined at the top of my little lungs, making all kinds of racket!   Mama finally gave up and ended up carrying me around the rest of the day or tying my leash to her belt loop so I was always by her side.    Here’s a shot of me and Mama posing for the camera –  am I a handsome fella or what???   (rhetorical question there – no nasty comments from the peanut gallery!)

Me and Mama hangin' at Barkaritaville!
Mama said her shoulders and back hurt from carrying me around all day but I loved it!  Everyone kept saying how cute it was that I wanted to be with Mama.  And guess what?  I won Best Howler for the second year in a row!   I must say I can croon with the best of them and I dare someone to challenge my title next year.  Back it off boys, I am howling champion and don’t you forget it!
Besides Barkaritaville, we have mainly just been laying low and hanging out.  Jasper is still an idiot, I think he is permanently going to be one!, Winston still gruffs and growls over everything but that is just his way, and  Ringo is just his normal self, but I still hate when he won’t let me have his toy.  I only want it if he has it.   It has been nice to have a lazy fall and early winter and just bask in the glory of being a dog, and a tripod at that!  I did want to share a shot of me catching up on my reading, Stephen King particularly:
This book is awesome! Plus if I lay on it, Mama can't read it and has to pay attention to me!
And I should also talk about the nice Christmas we had.  Mama and Dad got us some new stuffies, which we all destroyed in about ten minutes flat (gotta get that squeaker out!), some treats and some really good bones stuffed with peanut butter.   We are such spoiled brats!  We were good boys this year though and no one knocked over the Christmas tree or chewed up any presents.  Last year, Ding Bat Jasper actually chewed the lights off!  Thankfully the tree was unplugged or we would have had one toasty, fried Jasper for a fur brother.   I told you he was an idiot.  Oh Brother!   Guess he just makes for some cheap entertainment though so I shouldn’t complain.
Jasper - Is this the face of an idiot or what?
I am making a new year’s resolution to update my blog more often.  I hope I can stick to it. I love sharing my stories with you, just have to find time in my busy tripod life to dust the ol’ laptop off and start writing.   I want to wish everyone, humans and fur faces alike, a most wonderful and blessed upcoming 2012.  May every dog be as lucky as me!

Ah, fall is in the air!

I just love this time of year!  Watching the trees start to turn colors and the crisp evening air and chilly mornings.  Awesome!   And it also means that Halloween is coming.   I can’t decide which is better, tricks or treats!  I love playing tricks on my fur brothers but treats are pretty good too.  That’s kind of a hard decision.  Jasper and Ringo get so mad when I trick them and steal their bone or toys.  I don’t mess with Winston, he can be kinda cranky and he is not very playful. I only play these tricks because I want someone to play with me.  I hope that when I snag something out of Ringo’s mouth, he will give chase.  He cannot believe how fast I can move for only having three legs.  Just stand back and watch me haul some butt!  Sometimes Ringo gives chase but most of the time he just shoots me a nasty look and ignores me.   Typical big brother, thinks I am a bratty little brother.

And this time of year also means Halloween and that the trick or treaters will be cruising by the house to get their goodies.  One of these years, I am gonna hang out in the bushes and jump out and scare all of them!   Mama says I am too cute to scare anyone but I could give it a good shot.     What do you think?  Here’s my best scary face: 


Personally, I would be very scared if I saw this face, especially in the dark.  Jasper actually scoffed at me!  Said I look like a dork!   And Ringo agreed.  OK, fine, I get it.  Wanna pick on me?  I can play that game.  Check this photo out.    Talk about dorks!  This is Ringo trying to be cool last year at Halloween:

Oh my!  That is the dorkiest of all dorks!  And he thought he looked cool. I told him no way and if he thought the ladies were gonna like a guy dressed up in sheep pajamas, he was nuts!   He didn’t speak to me for a few days after that comment…..

I am not sure what I want to be for Halloween this year. Mama said she will check out some costumes and see what she can find.  I could just go as “Handsome, Cute and Smart Tripod” in other words, as myself!   I am pretty cool after all so a costume may not be necessary.

The other reason I like this time of year is it means Barkaritaville!   That is Schanuzer Rescue Cincinnati’s annual event and big fundraiser. Mama organizes a lot of it with help from Dad.  The best part is we get to go too!  Last year I was a brat though, didn’t like attention being diverted from me so I was kinda snippy. I promised I would be nicer this year.   It will be fun to see lots of our friends and other fur faces.    I won Best Howler last year and am determined to defend my title this year. No one can lay down a howl like me! 


(Oooh, another thought!  I can hide in the bushes with my scary face and HOWL at the trick or treaters!   Yes, that’s it!   Bet I really scare them all off if I do that.  And if I scare them off, does that mean I get the candy?  Oh wait, no, because we cannot have chocolate and that is usually what Mama buys.  Darn it!) 

I’ll have to be sure and blog about all the fun we are going to have at Barkaritaville this weekend.  I am going to be styling, wearing my Cute as A Button tshirt and a studly scarf made my a friend of ours named Momma Ann.  Look out ladies!  Stand back and just watch this handsome fella in action. I’ll have all the girls fawning and fainting over me before the day is over.    Not to mention that Mama will get us some cool stuff there so it will be like Christmas when we get home from the event.  Ah, I can see all the treats and toys now, just waiting for me to get them.   This life is pretty rough but someone has to do it!

Adios for now but please wait in breathless anticipation for my next posting. 





Yep, I’m Still Here!

Hello everyone!  As the title says, Yep, I am still here, just been so busy being a tripod that I have neglected my blog.   I know, shame on me!  I’ve been a bad Zippy for not keeping  folks updated on how great my life as a tripod is.

As I said, I have just been one busy little beaver this year.  Although unlike beavers, I don’t do the dam building thing.  Seems kinda silly to me, never really got that whole deal??   Anyway, I digress.  I’m supposed to be telling you about how busy I have been.   First of all, I have spent the spring and summer being quite the ladies man!  Mama and Dad have had several foster dogs in the last few months and much to my delight, they have all been girls!  I just love having the ladies in the house.   I like to impress them and wow them because I am so smart and funny.  I just love showing my tug skills off to the ladies too.  Boy does that impress them!   I show them that just because I am missing a front leg, don’t think I’m not strong and don’t think I am gonna let you win.  No way, no how.  I am the tug champ of the neighborhood and while I love the ladies, no girl is gonna take my title!  

The girls have been fun but boy have they been young and dumb!  I’ve had to teach them all  kinds of things like how to walk properly on a leash (yes, even missing a leg,  I have outstanding leash etiquette), that the proper place to do one’s business is outside in the yard and not on Mama’s rugs, and that only chew toys are for chewing.  One must never eat Mama or Dad’s shoes, paper out of the garbage cans,  plastic plates, decorative pine cones, magazines, or anything that resembles or acts as a dog bed.  Mama got us boys this really awesome, super comfy dog bed and one of those silly girls chewed a big hole in it.  Looked like another crime scene in the house with stuffing and material scattered everywhere.   I was waiting for the “fuzz” to bust in and start putting up the caution tape and taking statements.   Mama was not happy and neither were Ringo and I because we loved that darn bed.  Mama gave it a nice funeral by way of the garbage can.  : (

It’s been a hot and sticky summer around our parts but that hasn’t stopped me from stalking bugs in the yard, peeing on absolutely every plant, tree and blade of grass in the yard, and working on my tan:

Anyone got some sunscreen??

 Here lately though, it has been so hot though that I gave up worrying about working on my tan in favor of the air conditioning.  Ah, nothing better than lounging on the leather couch, cool as a cucumber, while the sun beats down outside.   My fave chill spot is on the back of the couch, which is just conveniently located close to the register duct, and also provides one bitchin’ view of the front yard.  Gotta keep an eye on my turf and make sure no rogue squirrels or chipmunks are invading it.   I decided the birds are allowed in the yard.  Well, I didn’t really make that decision, Mama said so –  gotta abide by the rules.  It’s actually kinda cool. I get some cheap entertainment during the day by watching the birds come to the bird feeders.  But there is one bird I am dying to get and I think I could almost convince Mama it is OK.  It’s a mockingbird.  He apparently is looking for a date because he is singing NON-STOP all day and night long.   Geez buddy!   You’d think that after a few days, he’d get the point that the single ladies aren’t interested.   Even Mama is getting annoyed –  you can even hear him inside with the AC running!  If I could get at him I’d tell him to move on and look for a girlfriend somewhere else!

I hope everyone is having just as fun a summer as I am.  I’m so lucky to have a home where I am so loved and spoiled.  My mama and Dad love me so much. I never thought I would be so lucky to find them.  I thought no one would ever give me a chance because I was a stray AND a tripod.  If you are ever looking for a new fur baby, please consider a rescue and even better, consider a tripod.  We’re a special kind, full of life and love and never let a mere missing leg slow us down!

Tripawds Rule!!!

Happy Holidays to All!

I sure hope everyone,  fur and human both, are having a good holiday season!  I sure am.  First and foremost, I am so thankful to be in a loving home where my humans and fur brothers love me for who I am.  Two years ago around this time, I had just been found roaming the streets and was rescued by Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati.  I sure didn’t think at the time that I would end up being so loved and spoiled.   My leg hurt so bad where it had been broken and not healed and I was so very cold and hungry.  So every year now starting around Turkey Day, I really reflect on how lucky this little tripawd guy is! 

OK, that being said, this holiday season has been fun too because there has been lots of snow around for us!   I just love the snow, it is so fun to run around in it.  I do this crazy little thing where I spin around in circles and then stick my whole head down in it!   I come up out of the snow with one heck of a snow beard, which I think makes me look quite distinguished and extra handsome.    Winston says I am an idiot and the snow beard just makes me look silly but I see him copying my moves all the time so I must be onto something.  All he does is copy me!  If I pee on it, he has to pee on it. If I sniff it, he has to sniff it. If I want on Mama’s lap, of course he has to weasle in too.  But I really like that he copies me. I feel like I have really taught him to become a better tripawd and a better dog too.  He is still pretty growly and gruff, just his way.  But after all my talks to him that he was with Mama and Dad and me and Ringo and Jasper forever, I think he is finally getting it.  Duh!  I told him Mama would never let him leave and that we would be tripawd brothers forever but he had to doubt me.    Geez!  Does he not know I am The All Knowing Zippy?   Yes, not only am I a handsome devil and got more moves than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, I am also one wise fella too! 

The only bad apart about the season is it is COLD!  Since I am part Chinese Crested, I have pretty thin hair and almost no hair on my belly at all.  Mama makes sure she puts on my sweater or coat when we go out.    See how handsome I look in it here?  I am cracking up laughing at something Jasper said: 


While I love to go out in the snow and dance and play in it, I cannot stand those little ice balls that get stuck on my fur.  Pet peeve BIG TIME!   If I feel one on me, I have to plop down in the middle of the road or yard or wherever and make sure to get it off.   Mama laughs at me because I make such a big deal out of it.   But her laughing is worth it because since she knows I hate the ice balls on me so bad, she always makes sure I get an extra rub down with the towel when we come in.  That is one of my faves, that towel rub down thing.  How cool is that?  If I ever win the lottery, I am going to hire someone to towel me down whenever I feel like it! 

Santa Claus was pretty good to us this year too.  He brought us some new sweaters, treats and pork chews.   Mmmmmm good!   And a friend of ours named Ann made us special edition holiday ties. 

Stylin' Tripawds!
Jasper Acting Cool
Ringo loves his tie!

 We would like to thank Ann for making us look so stylish and handsome! 

In closing (why am I being so formal?   So I impress  you with my smarts!), me and my three fur brothers want to thank everyone  helping us find our forever homes with Mama and Dad.  And to plead with you:  if you are considering a new fur face for the family, please, please, please get a rescue dog!  Save a life in the new year!!   We make the best pets and just look how happy we are now that we have a safe and loving home.  Signing off for now but look for more of my wisdom in the upcoming new year!

Happy New Year!!!

Life is Great!

Well, I sure have a lot to update everyone on and I am not sure quite where to start!   So much has happened this summer since I last posted.

First of all, Winston is no longer my foster brother, he’s my real brother!  Mama and Dad decided he just had to stay with us so they adopted him. I am so happy to have a permanent tripawd brother!  I really like having someone like me hanging around and I was not looking forward to the day when my new buddy would have to leave.   Now he doesn’t have to!   Yippee!   Winston is really cool. I am teaching him  how to be an active tripawd, he was pretty lazy when he first came to our house.  Now he can’t wait to go out for walks and he is even learning to lift his leg to pee, thanks to watching me.  He’s gotta work on the balance thing though, he falls on his face a lot when he tries to hike a leg up!   It’s funny.  But I can say that because I have fallen on my face lots of times and only another tripawd gets what it is like to have balance issues.  Winston got mad at me the first time I laughed at him until he realized it was funny too.   The only bad thing about him is he likes to hog Mama’s attention and I don’t like that!  I want to be her one and only but I guess I will have to learn how to share her affections.

Two peas in a "tripawd" taking a snooze......

Jasper and Winston have a love-hate relationship though.  Jasper was pretty mean to Winston when he first came so now Winston likes to show Jasper he isn’t afraid of him anymore by growling any time he comes near.  That boy is a growlin’ fool!   He just growls about everything, unlike me, I whine instead!   I personally think the whining is much more sophisticated than a growl.   I don’t blame Winston since Jaz can be an idiot, but it’s been two months now and Winston needs to get over it!  Even Jasper is not trying to be mean to him anymore.  He looks at Mama like “why is this silly dog wtih only three legs growling at me for this time?”  I think they really want to be buddies but neither wants to admit it.  Darn dog ego…..

And besides the exciting news of having Winston as a real brother now, I’ve also been out and about.   A couple weekends ago, Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati had their big annual fundraising event for members and past adopters.  Mama was in charge of organizing it all.   She had lots of help though from Dad and other SRC members.   The event was so fun!  All four of us guys go to attend.  We had a fun time seeing all of Mama’s rescue friends and meeting other dogs.  Well,  I should say everyone else had fun meeting other dogs. I was in a bad mood that day, I was afraid Mama was taking me some place to drop me off and leave me, so I was mean to all the other dogs.  I tried to bite several of them.  I am ashamed of myself now, Mama was upset that I was being such a devil boy!   I just was so scared she would pull out in the car from the park and leave me there.   I was just being silly I guess.  I should know by now how much Mama and Dad love and adore me.  They would never let me go.  I promise to be better next year at Barkaritaville.  That’s what the event was called – pretty clever name huh?  The best news of the day: I won the Best Howler contest!  I don’t howl on a regular basis but I do like to sing on occasion.  I just started howling up a storm and won the contest!   My SRC friend Michelle, said it sounded like a Halloween Howl because I sounded like I was almost humming instead of howling, kinda like a mean, ol Halloween ghoul!   Maybe I can hide in the bushes this year during Trick or Treat and scare all the little kiddies that come down the driveway….

Mama also took us to Farmer’s Fair in Aurora for the big pet parade.  Farmer’s Fair is a big deal where we live, it is the oldest festival in the state of Indiana. I was so proud to walk with Dad in the pet parade and show off how great a tripawd can move.   Everyone was amazed at how fast I was going,  I was pulling Dad down the parade route on my leash!   And I loved meeting all the little kids too, they were really cute and it was an opportunity to show the young ones what special dogs we tripawds can be – no handicap will slow us down!   I hope Mama takes us back to the fair next year.  We had so much fun!

As you can see, I have had a busy summer!   Of course, I did all of this in between lounging on the couch, hanging out on my new doggie sofa that Aunt Lo Lo gave us, begging for treats and just being my usual charming self!

I have a Tripawd foster brother!

Oh my gosh! I am just so excited!   Last weekend Mama brought in a new foster dog and he is a tripawd like me!  Mama works with Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati to help save schnauzies.  His name is Winston and  he is missing his left front leg instead of the right front like me.    Poor little guy was dumped at the shelter by his owners because he “wouldn’t listen”.  Guess those folks don’t know schnauzers too well because not listening is in our genes!

He’s a pretty neat fella, about 4 years old.  He’s growly, I think he just loves to hear himself talk!  He’s never mean, just growls to be growling. Mama calls him a chunky  monkey too.   I don’t understand exactly what that means since I thought he was a dog and not a monkey but I suspect it might mean he needs to lose a few pounds.  He reminds me of a fire plug!  But we all know us tripawds don’t need to carry any extra weight, our remaining joints have enough strain on them as it is.

I have never met another tripawd so I am pretty stoked about having him as a foster brother.  He gets around just fine too but it is funny to watch him pee!  He can’t lift his leg up like I can, he tries but then gives up and squats like a girly dog!  But I bet he will figure it out if he watches me enough.  He is already copying my “burn outs” that I absolutely MUST do after I pee on everything in the neighborhood.  Mama says she sure hopes someone will give ol Winston a chance and adopt him.  She knows first hand how special us tripawds are.  We can do anything we want and just have that extra special something to make up for our missing limbs.

If you would like to read more about Winston or consider adopting him, check his page out on Petfinder:

Remember, as the site says: It is better to hop on three legs than limp on four!!

Winston chillin on the couch

Here’s some of my audition!

Wow!   Addie at Blind Squirrel Productions sent Mama an email this week saying they loved me and that a clip of my audition will be on the website in a couple weeks!   I still don’t know or really think me and Mama will make the final cut to the TV show, but at the very least we’ll be on the web.   I’m holding a press conference and autograph session this weekend…….Zippy’s Audition

Maybe I’m Gonna Be Famous!

I have the most exciting news to tell you!   Geez, 2010 is great so far.   First off, I have a foster sister right now named Duchess.  She’s pretty cool.  Kinda looks like Benji.  I sorta have a crush on her – she’s awful cute!   But I have a special lady in my life named Bunni.  She lives in Pittsburgh and we just have an online relationship right now but she’s my gal.  Guess it doesn’t hurt to flirt as long as I still love my Bunni!

OK, besides that:  The most exciting news of the year!  I might get to be on TV!   And hopefully at the very least on the internet in a video.   My mama found out that there was filming today in Cincinnati for a show called  Tales For the Pet Lover’s Heart that is sponsored by Kroger and Purina.   Mama came home from work last night acting all excited and made me get a hair cut and a bath and then she put a new bandana on me.  I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so snazzed up but I loved the extra attention.   Well, I had to wait until this morning to find out what was going on.  Mama packed me up in the car and off we went.  Rode for about a half hour and then I see Dad standing outside a building talking to another lady with a dog, who I later found out was named Charlie.  We had to hang out and wait for awhile but then we got to go in.  Mama sat me up on a table and they hooked her up with a microphone and turned this thing on I heard em’ say was a camera.   Then they asked Mama to tell my story.  So she did, right from the start about how I  was a stray with a bad broken leg found in rural WV.  And the awesome folks at Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati  saved me.  And then I went into a couple foster homes (thanks Mama Debbie and Mama Iris!) and finally ended up with Mama and Dad and Ringo and oh yeah, Jasper.  They asked Mama some other questions like what she loved best about me and she said everything!   And how I am such an inspiration with my big heart and spirit and that she really doesn’t have it so bad when she thinks about me and what  I went through.  Wow!  It was so cool to hear Mama say that. I know she loves me but it was extra special to have her telling everyone on camera!  

My whole “interview” or audition took about 10 minutes or so.  The folks at  Blind Squirrel Productions in North College Hill, Cincinnati were super cool and so nice.   And a big thanks to Kroger and Purina for letting folks like my Mama talk about how cool rescue dogs are.   I hope that my clip makes the  TV show that will air at some point.  You can click on their website link above for days and times to watch the show from last year.  At the very least I hope my video goes on the website.  Dad said me and Mama did really good!   Now I know why they kept fawning over me last night and calling me “Hollywood”.   Ringo and Jaz were pretty jealous when  I got home and told them about my big debut and adventure.   But I think it kinda impressed my foster lady friend Duchess.  She kinda looks at me now with this sappy gleam in her eye.  Uh Oh.   Don’t tell Bunni!

Dad caught some of it on our little flip video cam but it is probably too big for Mama to download here.  She said she’ll figure out how to trim it and post a short version later.   Chow for now!   Zippy, aka Mr. Hollywood

Checkin’ in for 2010

Wow!   I can’t believe the new year has come and is well underway.  I’ve been with Mama and  Dad now for 8 months and the time has flown!  I guess that’s because I am just so happy to be in my furever home and have two cool brothers like Ringo and  Jasper to hang out with.

Like most of the U.S., we have been getting lots of snow this winter.   Boy do I love snow!  Mama calls it doggy speed.  I love to go out and sniff it, snort it, run through it and then come inside and act like a crazy man because I am so fired up from playing in it.   But there for awhile it was deep enough I couldn’t really get in it too much  because I was sinking up to my neck.   Not good – me no like being suffocated in snow!  Ringo and Jasper like the snow a lot too and chase each other.  That is, until Jasper gets to the end of his 16 ft leash and about strangles himself.  It is so funny to watch him take off at full speed and get jerked back when the leash runs out.   ha ha ha!!  Even I learned not to do that.  He is still so-o-o puppy stupid.  I overhead Mama tell Dad she thought Jasper was dumber than a box of rocks.  I don’t quite get the exact meaning of that (I thought rocks came out of the earth not out of a box….hmmmmm…maybe I need to google that…) but it must mean he is pretty dumb!  He’ll probably get smarter as he gets older.  At least I hope so because right now he is is kinda giving all dogs a bad name by acting so stupid!

We dogs had a freak out moment a couple weeks ago.   Mama starting putting stuff in these big blue bags on wheels.   She was running around like mad to get this done.   We all kinda thought those big blue things might be suitcases but since we didn’t see Mama putting any of OUR stuff in it, we decided they couldn’t be.  Mama and Dad would never go away without taking us with them.   But Yikes!   They did go away without us!  They carried the big blue bags out to the car and then suddenly this lady who we had met a few times showed up at the house.   Her name is  Doris and we really like her.  Turns out she was coming to take care of us while Mama and  Dad went on vacation.  They went to some place called Cabo.  When they came back we had to sniff all their stuff.  It sort of smelled like sand and salt and suntan lotion.  Just what is this Cabo place?  Turns out it is in Mexico (Ringo told me that – he’s wise about stuff like that) and they went to stay with Dad’s sister, our  Aunt Lo Lo. 

 Doris took such great care of us and she loved hanging out with us.  I think we may have driven her a little crazy with our wild play sessions and constant need to be leeched on to some human, but she never complained and loved us anyway.   We missed Mama and Dad but we liked having Doris around so much that it wasn’t so bad.   We hope if Mama and Dad go away again that we get to go too, but if not, we really hope Doris comes back.   We must admit we were glad to see Dad pack  the suitcases away in the closet.  Next time those things come out, there darn well better be some dog leashes and treats going in them too!