Maybe I’m Gonna Be Famous!

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I have the most exciting news to tell you!   Geez, 2010 is great so far.   First off, I have a foster sister right now named Duchess.  She’s pretty cool.  Kinda looks like Benji.  I sorta have a crush on her – she’s awful cute!   But I have a special lady in my life named Bunni.  She lives in Pittsburgh and we just have an online relationship right now but she’s my gal.  Guess it doesn’t hurt to flirt as long as I still love my Bunni!

OK, besides that:  The most exciting news of the year!  I might get to be on TV!   And hopefully at the very least on the internet in a video.   My mama found out that there was filming today in Cincinnati for a show called  Tales For the Pet Lover’s Heart that is sponsored by Kroger and Purina.   Mama came home from work last night acting all excited and made me get a hair cut and a bath and then she put a new bandana on me.  I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so snazzed up but I loved the extra attention.   Well, I had to wait until this morning to find out what was going on.  Mama packed me up in the car and off we went.  Rode for about a half hour and then I see Dad standing outside a building talking to another lady with a dog, who I later found out was named Charlie.  We had to hang out and wait for awhile but then we got to go in.  Mama sat me up on a table and they hooked her up with a microphone and turned this thing on I heard em’ say was a camera.   Then they asked Mama to tell my story.  So she did, right from the start about how I  was a stray with a bad broken leg found in rural WV.  And the awesome folks at Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati  saved me.  And then I went into a couple foster homes (thanks Mama Debbie and Mama Iris!) and finally ended up with Mama and Dad and Ringo and oh yeah, Jasper.  They asked Mama some other questions like what she loved best about me and she said everything!   And how I am such an inspiration with my big heart and spirit and that she really doesn’t have it so bad when she thinks about me and what  I went through.  Wow!  It was so cool to hear Mama say that. I know she loves me but it was extra special to have her telling everyone on camera!  

My whole “interview” or audition took about 10 minutes or so.  The folks at  Blind Squirrel Productions in North College Hill, Cincinnati were super cool and so nice.   And a big thanks to Kroger and Purina for letting folks like my Mama talk about how cool rescue dogs are.   I hope that my clip makes the  TV show that will air at some point.  You can click on their website link above for days and times to watch the show from last year.  At the very least I hope my video goes on the website.  Dad said me and Mama did really good!   Now I know why they kept fawning over me last night and calling me “Hollywood”.   Ringo and Jaz were pretty jealous when  I got home and told them about my big debut and adventure.   But I think it kinda impressed my foster lady friend Duchess.  She kinda looks at me now with this sappy gleam in her eye.  Uh Oh.   Don’t tell Bunni!

Dad caught some of it on our little flip video cam but it is probably too big for Mama to download here.  She said she’ll figure out how to trim it and post a short version later.   Chow for now!   Zippy, aka Mr. Hollywood

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2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Gonna Be Famous!”

  1. sounds super cool! I hate to break it to you, but I think Bunni will be jealous once she realizes how many pretty dogs are going to be lookin at you on the big screen (or little screen…doesn’t matter).! Let us know if you make it, and tell your mama to send us off a link!

    <3 Laura and Jackers

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