Checkin’ in for 2010

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Wow!   I can’t believe the new year has come and is well underway.  I’ve been with Mama and  Dad now for 8 months and the time has flown!  I guess that’s because I am just so happy to be in my furever home and have two cool brothers like Ringo and  Jasper to hang out with.

Like most of the U.S., we have been getting lots of snow this winter.   Boy do I love snow!  Mama calls it doggy speed.  I love to go out and sniff it, snort it, run through it and then come inside and act like a crazy man because I am so fired up from playing in it.   But there for awhile it was deep enough I couldn’t really get in it too much  because I was sinking up to my neck.   Not good – me no like being suffocated in snow!  Ringo and Jasper like the snow a lot too and chase each other.  That is, until Jasper gets to the end of his 16 ft leash and about strangles himself.  It is so funny to watch him take off at full speed and get jerked back when the leash runs out.   ha ha ha!!  Even I learned not to do that.  He is still so-o-o puppy stupid.  I overhead Mama tell Dad she thought Jasper was dumber than a box of rocks.  I don’t quite get the exact meaning of that (I thought rocks came out of the earth not out of a box….hmmmmm…maybe I need to google that…) but it must mean he is pretty dumb!  He’ll probably get smarter as he gets older.  At least I hope so because right now he is is kinda giving all dogs a bad name by acting so stupid!

We dogs had a freak out moment a couple weeks ago.   Mama starting putting stuff in these big blue bags on wheels.   She was running around like mad to get this done.   We all kinda thought those big blue things might be suitcases but since we didn’t see Mama putting any of OUR stuff in it, we decided they couldn’t be.  Mama and Dad would never go away without taking us with them.   But Yikes!   They did go away without us!  They carried the big blue bags out to the car and then suddenly this lady who we had met a few times showed up at the house.   Her name is  Doris and we really like her.  Turns out she was coming to take care of us while Mama and  Dad went on vacation.  They went to some place called Cabo.  When they came back we had to sniff all their stuff.  It sort of smelled like sand and salt and suntan lotion.  Just what is this Cabo place?  Turns out it is in Mexico (Ringo told me that – he’s wise about stuff like that) and they went to stay with Dad’s sister, our  Aunt Lo Lo. 

 Doris took such great care of us and she loved hanging out with us.  I think we may have driven her a little crazy with our wild play sessions and constant need to be leeched on to some human, but she never complained and loved us anyway.   We missed Mama and Dad but we liked having Doris around so much that it wasn’t so bad.   We hope if Mama and Dad go away again that we get to go too, but if not, we really hope Doris comes back.   We must admit we were glad to see Dad pack  the suitcases away in the closet.  Next time those things come out, there darn well better be some dog leashes and treats going in them too!

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