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A Day in the Life of a Tripod Dog

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A Day in the Life of a Tripod Dog

Zippy’s Story

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My entire story is not known by my Mama or the rescue I came from and I can’t remember everything since I was so young.  All I know is that I suddenly found myself in this awful place in West Virginia.  I was put in a cage that had cold, concrete floors and kinda smelled funny.  And the noise!  I  have never heard so many dogs and cats howling and meowing at the same time.  I couldn’t get any sleep and I was so very scared.   No one wanted to adopt me because my right front leg had been broken and not healed correctly and I walked funny.   No one could get past that and see my sweet, loving nature.

Then suddenly my world got better!   A very kind lady named Debbi came and rescued me out this place I learned was called a shelter.  The shelter may have been a bad place but they had lots of caring staff who worked there.  One of them made a call to Debbi who is with Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati to see if she could rescue me.   Sure enough she did!

My adventure did not stop there though.   Because Debbi had so many fosters already, she couldn’t keep me with her until I found a forever home so she sent me to another SRC member, Iris, in Kentucky.   Iris takes a lot of the special needs guys like me.  She took me to the vet to get me shots and medicine and decided after talking with the vet, my right front leg should be amputated.  Everyone agreed that I would have a better quality of life and lots less trouble in the long run if the leg was off.

Leg got amputated but it was no big deal at all!  I could still do everything I used to, just had to work on my balance a little.  My foster buddies didn’t think anything of it either and still engaged me in play.   Iris loved on me and made sure I  healed and was OK.

Then the day came when Iris put me in the car and we drove to some place that smelled really good – I later learned this place was called McDonalds.  I cannot believe there is a place where you can just drive up to a box, talk to it and suddenly get handed a bag of food!   Darn it, I wish I could drive.  Anyway, I digress.  At this McDonald’s place, Iris handed me over to some lady and kissed me goodbye, whispering in my ear that everything would be OK.

Iris was right!  Now I am in a loving home in Indiana with another fur brother and a couple things called Cats.  I think they are really just moving chew toys but Mama says no.  I’m trying to be nice to them but it is so hard!  I love my new home.  Mama and Dad are so good to me.  No more cold, concrete floors, no more wondering if anyone will ever love me.   They think I am the greatest no matter if I am missing a leg or not.  I am so happy to be there!   Love, a great playmate, food, water, treats and chew toys are always available.  I never have to worry about being lonely or hungry again!

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